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New Illinois law aims to help with bicycle safety

Among the things that can create dangers for bicyclists is drivers not paying enough attention to things. It is not just important for drivers to be attentive and watchful for bicyclists when driving. They also should make sure to do so when getting out of their vehicle. It they fail to, it could expose bicyclists to dooring accidents.

A dooring accident is when a car door is opened right in front of or into a bicyclist, causing a collision between the bicyclist and the door. These accidents can leave bicyclists with broken bones or other major injuries. Bicyclists hurt in dooring accidents can reach out for legal help in pursing injury compensation.

Last month, a new law was signed here in Illinois aimed at trying to reduce dooring accidents and other bicycle accidents. Specifically, it is aimed at increasing awareness among the state’s drivers of ways to protect bicyclist safety.

The new law does two main things:

  • It adds some questions related to bicycle safety to Illinois’ driver’s exam.
  • It requires that the Dutch Reach technique be included in the state’s driver’s manual.

What is the Dutch Reach? It is a technique for opening cars doors after parallel parking that can help with preventing dooring accidents. The technique involves car drivers and passengers opening a car door with their arm that is father away from the door. This can force a person to turn towards the door when going to opening it, giving him or her a ready opportunity to see if any bicyclist is coming.

Do you think this new law will ultimately help make drivers more aware of this technique and other ways to avoid posing a hazard to bicyclists out on the road?

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