While drivers in Illinois and elsewhere may be fearful of sharing the road with large trucks, it is possible to do so safely. It is important that drivers of passenger cars and trucks have a healthy dose or respect for the bigger and heavier commercial trucks. This means giving them ample room to merge onto highways and giving them space while driving. When in the presence of a commercial truck, drivers should be sure to avoid its blind spots.

Drivers may be in a truck’s blind spot if they follow too closely in their own vehicles or drive next to the trailer. To avoid an accident, other cars must be sure to pass as quickly as possible as it minimizes time in an area where the truck operator can’t see passenger vehicles. It is also worthwhile to pay attention to commercial trucks looking to make a right turn. This is because they need more room to make the turn without going off the road.

If the weather is bad, it may be a good idea to avoid being on a highway or other roads. Doing so may give more space to larger trucks that need it to operate safely in inclement conditions. Generally speaking, commercial drivers must make their deliveries no matter what the weather is like outside.

If a truck driver is negligent for causing an accident to occur, injured victims may receive compensation in a settlement or through a jury trial, and it may help to pay for medical bills or lost wages. In some cases, multiple parties might be found liable for truck accidents including employers or government agencies. An attorney may take actions such as obtaining witness statements or gathering physical evidence in order to show that negligence resulted in an accident.