The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will conduct its annual International Roadcheck from June 4 to 6. Commercial drivers in Illinois should know that they may be pulled over at random during this three-day inspection spree. Inspectors will mostly perform Level I inspections, which cover both driver and vehicle compliance and are the most comprehensive.

The special focus of this year’s event will be on steering and suspension, which are critical in supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of large trucks and buses. They keep the tires in alignment, thus preventing uneven tire wear. Maintaining even contact with the road is especially important when vehicles brake and accelerate.

The tires, brakes, lights and cargo securement chains and straps will also be checked. As part of the compliance inspection, drivers will be asked to provide CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates and work logs. There is nothing different about the inspections conducted during this Roadcheck and those that the CVSA conducts throughout the rest of the year. However, this event has a higher visibility.

Across the U.S., an average of 17 trucks and buses are inspected every minute during these Roadchecks. The 2018 International Roadcheck resulted in nearly 12,000 vehicles and 2,600 drivers being issued out-of-service orders. Brake, tire/wheel and brake adjustment violations were the top reasons.

Some truck violations, such as faulty brakes and bad tires, can raise the risk for an accident. Driver violations, such as hours-of-service violations, can go hand-in-hand with driver fatigue, which is another risk factor. An individual who believes they have a case under truck accident law may want a lawyer to assist them with the filing of the claim. The lawyer may even negotiate with the trucking company for a settlement, litigating if one isn’t agreed upon.