Unsafe truck drivers in Illinois pose a serious threat to others on the roadways. Occupants of smaller passenger vehicles are at much greater risk in an accident with a semitruck due to the massive size and weight of the commercial vehicle. There are several safety technologies designed to help reduce the number of serious truck accidents, but if they are thwarted or not used at all, people may not receive the protection they need on the road. Some experts warned about the danger posed by truck drivers who disable safety equipment while behind the wheel.

Some of these drivers come up with creative solutions to resist what they see as invasive systems that interfere with their ability to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. Others may see no way of achieving their driving schedule without cutting corners when it comes to safety. However, these choices can lead to devastating or even fatal truck accidents. Therefore, experts say that fleet companies need to do more than just invest in new technology for tractor-trailers if they want to really promote a higher level of trucking safety.

They emphasized the importance of driver training to help truckers understand safety equipment and its purpose and usage. Some drivers may likelier to try to defeat systems that they do not understand. For example, truckers who view the goal of software as reporting back to the company on their activities rather than avoiding accidents are more likely to evade its usage.

Trucking accidents can be catastrophic, causing severe injuries and permanent disabilities. In too many cases, they are caused by fatigued, distracted or negligent truck drivers. People injured in a truck crash can work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.