If you’re heading into a divorce, it can be difficult to know who to look to for guidance through it all. Here are just a few people, places and things to look to during your divorce that can help you make it through.

Look to your loved ones

One of the best ways to get over the hurdles divorce may put in your way is to surround yourself with a support group who have your back. During this time, look to people you trust to listen to your feelings, build you up and keep your spirits high.

However, if you are a parent, be careful to avoid reflecting your feelings about the divorce onto your children or sharing too many grown-up details with them. If you are looking for more adults to support you, consider joining a divorce support group.

Look forward

A divorce will inevitably cause you to look back on some matters. For example, you’ll need to determine which assets are considered shared or separate property. You may also find yourself reflecting on your marriage and where it went wrong.

When you find yourself looking to the past in these moments, don’t forget to look to the future too. Picturing yourself in a positive space following the divorce can help you relent certain assets during property division and get excited about your new beginning when memories come creeping in.

Look to available resources

There are a number of online resources and professionals you can look to for advice while dealing with divorce. For example, parents struggling to work through a custody arrangement may consider speaking with a child psychologist for an un-bias opinion on what arrangement is in their child’s best interest. Similarly, legal professionals and members of divorce support groups can share past experiences to help you contextualize your situation.