Serious injuries that create internal bleeding are often obvious. Illinois residents afflicted with a severe injury will usually call for emergency medical aid, or if the injury victim is unconscious, witnesses to the scene will seek help. However, an injury that produces internal bleeding can also appear to be minor in nature. Symptoms from these injuries may manifest that can indicate internal bleeding, and it is important to your health to recognize them.

WebMD explains that internal injuries are often created by a form of trauma. While some traumas can be severe, other forms of trauma are not. This means internal bleeding can progress untreated and it is up to the injury victim to recognize if there is a problem. Just about any internal bleeding can result in lightheadedness due to blood loss. Other symptoms may manifest depending on the part of the body that has received trauma.

Some people receive a blow to the head that does not immediately manifest serious pain. As time goes on, the injury victim may experience headaches or a seizure. The injury can even cause people to fall unconscious, which can be especially dangerous while driving a car or other vehicle, or if the injury victim happens to be in a hazardous location that requires vigilance.

There are other symptoms to watch for. Trauma to the spleen or liver can create pain and even swelling in the abdominal area. Leg pain from a hit to the thigh can be accompanied by tightness or swelling. Blood flow into soft tissues or the skin can create masses of dark purple skin, a condition known as ecchymosis. No matter which of these symptoms manifest, any sign of internal bleeding indicates a medical emergency that should receive treatment as soon as possible.

Personal injuries take many different forms. For this reason, do not read this article as actionable legal advice or medical counsel for your situation; it is only intended for educational benefit.