Being involved in a semitruck accident in Illinois can be incredibly devastating and complex as it may involve not only you and the truck driver, but also the company that owns the truck.

If after the accident you are physically able, it is important that you complete the following steps to better ensure the best outcome when filing your insurance claim or filing a lawsuit if it becomes necessary.

Call the police

If possible, move your vehicle out of the road and turn on hazards or put out cones (which the truck driver should have) to prevent another accident. Call the police to report your accident so they can write up a formal accident report. Illinois accident law requires someone to report the incident immediately, if one of the drivers involved is physically able.

You should collect the contact information of the responding police officer and ask for a copy of the report or the number of the report which you may be able to look up later online.

See a doctor

It is best to see a doctor after an accident regardless of how you feel. If you do not need an ambulance, visit your doctor as soon as you can after the accident. Injuries can appear days after, so do not claim you do not have any injuries to the other party’s insurance company prematurely.

Collect contact information

Aside from the police’s contact information, you should also collect this from the other driver and any eyewitnesses who are willing to help. You will also need the driver’s insurance information, license number and contact info of the truck driver’s employer.

Make notes and take pictures

Do not rely on your memory to remember the details you will need to report to the insurance companies later. Take pictures or video of the accident scene and both vehicles, their damage and your injuries if possible. Make notes about where the accident was, how you think it occurred, date, time, etc.

Consult a car accident lawyer

Accidents with semitrucks can become complicated, especially if there are other large companies involved. If you think you should receive compensation for your damages and medical expenses, speaking with a car accident lawyer may help protect your rights and get the coverage you deserve.