If you have been involved in a serious accident in Illinois that has left you facing a lengthy recovery for a traumatic brain injury, you may be looking for ways to minimize the unfamiliar emotions you have been dealing with. Because the brain plays a crucial role in your ability to reason, make decisions, communicate and understand others among a host of other things, a TBI may certainly leave you feeling disoriented as you become used to the changes that have taken place. 

While there is undoubtedly recovery that will need to take place, you may never quite feel the way you once did before the accident. Because of this, it is important to listen closely to your body and implement measures to help you manage triggers, strong emotions and stress so that you can live life to its fullest without the overbearing anxiety related to your accident. Learning coping strategies is one valuable way to lessen challenging emotions and stress without ignoring them. 

According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, one coping mechanism you may consider is to establish a consistent routine for yourself. Incorporate things you enjoy doing while still allowing time for things you need to get done. Do not be afraid to ask for help and rely on the goodness of others to help you adjust to your new normal. Participation in a support group is another way that you may be able to feel validated which can help you to feel more confident. Taking good care of your body and making sure you get enough rest can optimize your effort to heal. 

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