When people are driving in Illinois and there is a lot happening around them, they may not notice pedestrians at first. While there is a significant push for motorists to be aware of people crossing the street, walking alongside busy thoroughfares or waiting at intersections, pedestrians share the responsibility of protecting their own safety by being properly educated and responsible in the way they behave around moving vehicles. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 6,000 people were killed in the United States in the year 2018 after being involved in a pedestrian-related car accident. One rule of thumb that everyone should abide by is to not assume that just because they have the right-of-way, that every approaching vehicle sees them. There may be people who are distracted or who ignorantly do not plan to stop even though it is the pedestrian’s right-of-way. As such, when people approach an intersection, even if all traffic signals are indicating that it is their turn to cross, people should look vigilantly in every direction including watching for left and right-hand turning vehicles. 

One way that people can more accurately verify that they can safely cross is by avoiding all distractions that may potentially endanger their life. Pedestrians should keep the volume turned down low on anything they are listening to so they can hear what is happening around them. If they are crossing a busy road, it is wise for them to completely remove their headphones so they can be completely aware of their surroundings. 

State Farm also recommends that people avoid using medications or consuming alcohol that could impair their ability to make responsible and timely decisions in response to potential road hazards.