As you begin to plan for a memorable summer, chances are that will include short or even long car trips. Whether you rally all your kids in the car for a day at the park or pack up for a multi-day road trip, it’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be the only one on the road.

Keeping your car maintenance in check, being well aware of your surroundings and driving only when you are alert enough to do so, are habits you should implement year-round. But, when the temperatures warm up there are specific measures that can protect you and those around you.

Maintenance check

High heat can affect many car functions. Keeping a regular check on the air level in your tires is crucial during summer. This is because rising temps can cause fluctuations in tire pressure, which can lead to a tire blowout. You should also be mindful of your car’s fluid levels and battery life. A sudden car breakdown can both ruin your day and cause a dangerous car accident.

Surroundings check

Warmer weather can naturally bring more people on the road. This includes both teen drivers who are on summer break and pedestrians and bicyclists who want to take advantage of snow-free treks. You should constantly remind yourself to look out for those sharing the road — wheels or no wheels — beginning from the moment you back out of your driveway.

Impairment check

If you take advantage of longer days and find yourself spending time out with friends or at the bars more in the summer, you’re definitely not alone. You’ve probably heard time and time again, about the importance of setting up a sober ride since driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be both unsafe and illegal.

However, you might not know driving while sleepy or drowsy can be just as dangerous. So instead of trying to make it home from the summer cabin after a long day on the lake, it might be worth extending your stay for one more night to make sure you are alert.

Just a little extra care on the road can help make this summer one to remember for positive reasons.