You might recognize this story: You get into an accident, suffer an injury and then the medical bills start to pile up. Your insurance gives you a low first offer, and you are left wondering how everything could possibly work out. Sometimes, even union support seems to vanish.

While it could be tempting to take low offers so you are in a position to start paying your debts immediately, this may not be the best strategy for your future. You deserve a fair deal.

Your future matters just as much as your present

Generally speaking, the insurance companies try to make it sound like they are providing a good offer for you. Sometimes they do this by suggesting the amount is enough to cover your long-term costs.

Even if they do offer a large enough figure, which is doubtful, there could be other concerns. For example, they could neglect to add any rapidly increasing healthcare costs in your settlement when they calculate how much your future procedures would require.

There could be a way to get paid up front

Insurance companies and railroads will probably try to bully and confuse you into taking a settlement that does not serve your interests. One common tactic is to limit the options they offer you — the might only mention the ones that benefit them the most. Another tactic: Delaying you with repeated low offers until you miss your deadlines for legal action.

There could be a way to structure your settlement so you get the money you need now and have a safe income stream to compensate you for future losses. Chances are that this would not be the form the first offer takes.

We understand that it can be frustrating to deal with these large organizations. Do not give up hope — you deserve a fair settlement.