Co-parenting after divorce requires decent amount of communication with your ex. You’ll have to coordinate on scheduling parenting time and share information on child-related documents and expenses. Keeping track of everything can be challenging, to say the least.

But establishing a plan for how you will keep each other in the loop ahead of your divorce can prevent you from potential arguments. You will be able to respectfully speak to one another in a way you prefer and take care of all your child’s needs. Downloading and using a co-parent app may be the perfect solution for your family. Co-parent apps provide a space to organize your custody schedule, school and medical documents for each child, track child-related expenses and exchange messages with your co-parent.

Here are some other ways apps designed for co-parents may reduce conflict:

  • Shared calendar: Having an online calendar that each parent can easily access and edit can create more accountability when it comes to following your parenting plan. One parent can’t say they had no clue that they were supposed to take a child to their cavity filling appointment when it was on the calendar the whole time. Plus, many apps, like Coparently and Custody Connection, allow parents to submit schedule change requests.
  • Positive messaging: When you are on good terms with your ex, being able to message your co-parent through an app might not some necessary as you begin your post-divorce life. However, it could be something you’ll be thankful for further down the line. This is because apps, like OurFamilyWizard, have a feature that detects negative messages before you send them out. Having a tone checker like this could prevent an unnecessary argument.
  • Paperless paper trail: Speaking of conflict, say some problems were to arise and you are back at family court adjusting your custody agreement. Having a place to track all the messages you’ve sent to and received from your co-parent might be helpful to the judge assigned to your case.

Sometimes co-parents opt for a combination of both apps and traditional communication methods like phone calls or emails. The key is to find a system that works best for you, so working on ways to better communicate doesn’t take too much of your time and your children remain a top priority.