Protective Order Violations

Often called restraining orders, protective orders are ultimately meant to protect a person from physical and emotional harm by another individual — often abusive or stalker-like behaviors of a current or former spouse or partner.

Although protective orders are often helpful and necessary, in many cases, individuals will misuse protective orders during a separation or divorce to manipulate the law and secure a better deal during property division, assignment of spousal support and child custody arrangements.

At my firm, Nick Kujawa, Attorney at Law, I believe in protecting the rights of individuals accused of violating the terms of their protective orders.

Gathering The Facts To Build A Solid Defense

It’s important to understand the details of a restraining order. Often, an individual will violate the terms of an order by simply returning to the family home after being invited back. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse, and a violation may result in additional penalties. As your lawyer, I can help you understand what you’re up against and gather evidence and testimony from witnesses to bolster your case, all while creating an aggressive defense.

Like other criminal law matters, there is much at stake when facing accusations and a potential conviction. Consequences for violating a protective order in Illinois include:

  • If the order is brought by your spouse, you may be barred from seeing your family.
  • You may face substantial jail time.
  • You may have to pay support for minor children.
  • Counseling may be required.

Fight Back With Experienced Counsel

If you have been charged with domestic violence or violating a protective order, you want representation from an attorney who knows the area courts and understands how to take the fight to the prosecution. By scheduling a free, confidential case evaluation, I can listen to your story, offer practical advice and aggressively defend your interests.

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