Drug Charges

As social and political attitudes toward certain drugs — such as marijuana — continue to evolve throughout the U.S., it’s important for people in Illinois who are charged with drug crimes like marijuana possession or distribution to remember that the consequences of a conviction still carry significant personal and professional repercussions.

Hire An Attorney Who Will Fight On Your Behalf

Like other criminal matters, time is of the essence when building a strong defense against accusations of drug crimes. From gathering all the evidence and ensuring that you are treated appropriately by the authorities to making you aware of your rights, I will help you consider all possible solutions before determining a course of action.

Whether you face an investigation or charges related to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs or heroin, I can negotiate with the prosecution by pushing for treatment and court supervision, which will likely keep you out of jail or prison. By advocating on your behalf, I can help you achieve a more favorable outcome when confronting the following charges:

  • Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Possession with intent
  • Trafficking
  • Prescription fraud

Alternatives For Those Confronting Addiction And Dependency Issues

For clients facing difficult circumstances such as dependency and addiction, I can introduce alternative options. By representing you before the court, I can help you avoid a severe sentence and potentially stay out of jail, all while getting you the help you need to move forward with your life. Often, the court looks favorably on individuals who take these and other proactive steps toward seeking treatment.

As your lawyer, I will guide you toward the appropriate resources while working aggressively on your behalf to prove to the court that you deserve a second chance.

Defending Your Rights And Pursuing A Brighter Future: Nick Kujawa, Attorney At Law

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