Family Law

Ending a marriage is never easy, but having an experienced family law attorney looking out for your best interests can make this stressful endeavor a lot more manageable.

At the office of Nick Kujawa, Attorney at Law, in Belleville, Illinois, I help individuals navigate the complex divorce process. I will take the time to understand your concerns and goals and then serve as an aggressive advocate on your behalf. I represent individuals in a variety of important legal decisions, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets and debt
  • Paternity
  • Premarital agreements
  • Grandparents’ rights

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Who Will Protect Your Parental Rights

Among the most important issues to resolve when ending a marriage are matters involving the financial support of children and the time that you get to spend with them. I place a priority on protecting my clients’ parent-child relationships. I will advise you of your legal options and explain the best way to pursue your goals in this area. I also represent parents after a divorce becomes final in proceedings to modify or enforce child support decrees on the basis of changed circumstances or default.

If you cannot afford to pay your fees and your spouse is a high wage earner, we can petition the court to have your spouse cover your legal fees.

How quickly family law cases are resolved is due in large part to the lawyers involved in each case. I have established a stellar reputation among family law attorneys and family court judges throughout southern Illinois, a factor that directly benefits my clients.

Whether your matter involves asset protection through a prenuptial agreement, child support or any other family law matter, I am an experienced Belleville family law attorney who can provide solutions that protect your interests and provide a positive future. Call 618-589-1721 or email me to schedule a free consultation.