Protecting Your Parent-Child Relationship

During divorces involving children, the most contentious issues are often child custody and support. Although the best interests of the children should be at the heart of any divorce issue, many individuals look at child support payments as a means of punishing their former spouse or padding their own pockets.

Having handled numerous divorce cases and family law matters, I understand how to avoid the roadblocks that can delay parenting time negotiations. Instead of allowing parents to use their children as weapons against each other, I emphasize the importance of resolving matters efficiently and respectfully.

By working closely with my clients and their children, I can better ensure that their wishes are heard as I strive to put a premium on maintaining the integrity of their parent-child relationship.

Mediation Vs. Court-Ordered Parenting Agreements

Many parents have one primary concern when entering the divorce process: “Who will take custody of our children?” In many cases, the ability to answer that question rests with the parents.

If an agreement can be reached without involving the courts, then parents are free to structure a parenting plan that benefits all parties. But if the situation is plagued with mistrust, abuse or other issues, the courts will get involved and offer a ruling that may fail to acknowledge your unique circumstances.

In mediation, the power rests with the parents; but once the courts take over, numerous factors will be considered when determining a custody agreement. A few examples are listed below:

  • The physical and mental health of both parents
  • The child’s age, maturity and preferences
  • The medical history and any special needs of the child
  • Each parent’s financial well-being and ability to provide for the child
  • Proximity to school, family, friends and other amenities
  • Criminal history of both parents

No matter your situation, working with an experienced family law attorney can help to minimize the stress and overall costs of a divorce, child custody or visitation rights dispute.

Put An Experienced Family Law Lawyer To Work For Your Family

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