Paternity And Grandparents’ Rights

When it comes to providing for the well-being of young children, parents, guardians, grandparents and the courts all want what’s best for children whose families may be struggling to stay together.

Although it’s long been understood that all measures should be taken to keep a child with his or her biological parents, the reality is that grandparents or guardians can be safer, more attentive and more productive providers.

Having defended the rights of fathers, grandparents and other family members, I know firsthand the challenges facing those who only want to provide the best possible life for the children they care for.

When Can You Fight For Custody Of The Kids?

Stereotypes are often stacked against fathers when it comes to matters of family law. The image of the deadbeat dad is still fixated in the minds of many people. The truth is, there are many fathers who can provide a safe and loving environment for their children. From establishing paternity to fighting for custody during divorce, I dedicate my efforts to protecting the rights of fathers, grandparents and guardians when it is obviously in the best interests of the child.

Situations that I help clients resolve include:

  • If a parent is jailed or imprisoned and care falls to a grandparent or another family member
  • When physical abuse or an otherwise unsafe home environment renders a parent unfit to care for the children
  • When alcohol or drug abuse affects parenting
  • When a child was raised by a grandparent or another guardian for an extended time

Stand Up For Your Rights As A Father, Grandparent Or Guardian

Don’t sit back when an estranged parent demands custody of his or her children. Although you may think the odds are stacked against you, I will put my years of experience to work protecting the well-being of your family.

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