Property Division

A divorce can feel like a series of losses. When a marriage fails, it’s difficult to look beyond the emotional hardships of the situation. However, it’s important to think about your interests during divorce proceedings. When undertaking property division, working alongside an attorney can help you protect your rights to marital assets.

Equitable Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Equal

Like in many other states, Illinois divorces are governed by equitable distribution laws. As your lawyer, I can explain the differences between marital and nonmarital property as they apply to your situation. For many people, concerns that need to be addressed include dividing benefits or business interests and the possibility that a spouse may be hiding assets. With years of experience handling all types of high-asset divorce and property division cases, I have the resources and skill to evaluate and discover property and assets that others might miss.

Individuals who may benefit from working with an attorney during divorce and property division include:

  • Those possessing large estates such as vacation homes or another property, closely held business interests and other matters related to a high net worth divorce
  • Business owners who require an attorney familiar with discovery and business valuation
  • Those with significant pensions or retirement accounts
  • Families that simply need to divide the house, cars and other properties

Don’t Let Your Property Slip Away During The Division Of Marital Assets

If you and your spouse can come to certain agreements surrounding issues like support payments and property division, you can eliminate many of the stress factors of divorce. By sitting down to negotiations or mediation, I can represent your interests while keeping the talks on task and moving forward. However, should your matter be left up to a judge, I will fight aggressively for the best possible outcome.

Take Decisive Action By Calling An Attorney

Schedule a free initial consultation to begin discussing your options during divorce and property division. Located in Belleville, I, Nick Kujawa, Attorney at Law, represent people throughout southern Illinois. Call 618-589-1721 or toll free at 800-546-2308. You can also send me an email by filling out an online contact form.