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New technologies may help prevent truck accidents

Unsafe truck drivers in Illinois pose a serious threat to others on the roadways. Occupants of smaller passenger vehicles are at much greater risk in an accident with a semitruck due to the massive size and weight of the commercial vehicle. There are several safety technologies designed to help reduce the number of serious truck accidents, but if they are thwarted or not used at all, people may not receive the protection they need on the road. Some experts warned about the danger posed by truck drivers who disable safety equipment while behind the wheel.

A divorce settlement can require additional work

For many Illinois estranged couples, negotiating a fair settlement as part of a divorce is only one of many emotional, practical and financial changes that can accompany the end of a marriage. In most cases, assets are frozen during the divorce process itself. This means that after a final decree has been obtained from the courts, a great deal of the work to implement those decisions remains for the former spouses. This can be the most important part of the property division process, and it can require a significant amount of paperwork, even when people are looking forward to a real conclusion.

How courts determine the best interest of the child

Whether a child custody case is heard in Illinois or any other state, the best interest of the child will be a court's top concern. There are many factors that a judge may use when determining what best serves the child in a given matter. In many cases, a ruling will take into consideration the child's age and the ability of a parent to provide a stable home.

Divorced Illinois parents can enjoy happy holidays

Co-parenting during the holidays may present some challenges. If divorced parents can reach a balance during the holidays for the best interests of their children, it may serve best for everyone concerned. However, when couples divorce there is typically a host of difficult emotions that may get in the way of successfully celebrating joyous holidays with their kids. Depending on how much time has elapsed, either parent may still be dealing with feelings of discontent. One or both parents may struggle with trying to forgive and move on with their separate lives.

Reasons to complete a prenup

One good reason for Illinois residents to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married is that they want to safeguard the assets they saved or inherited while they were single. Generally, the assets individuals own before they are married will remain in their possession if they get a divorce, but there can be exceptions. Individuals with substantial assets who get married without a prenup may be required to hand over a substantial amount of their assets to their ex-spouse. To save themselves time and money in the future, individuals should set aside some time before their wedding and complete a prenup.

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