Can You Use A Cellphone While Driving In Illinois?

In today’s age of smartphones, there are a multitude of pings going on to distract a driver, with incoming calls, texts, notifications and chat requests. Many drivers cannot resist checking, their phones even while they are on the road. Worse, some will post on social media or take photos while behind the wheel. Even a few seconds of a distraction can cause someone to miss a hazard in the road, a vehicle in their lane, a pedestrian or a biker. The result can be devastating for both the injured, their family and the driver who must live with the guilt of causing the accident.

The problem of distracted driving is one of the reasons Illinois created a new law a few years ago that bans the use of a hand-held cellphone while driving a vehicle. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash, there is a good chance a distracted driving might have been a factor. Call me, Nick Kujawa, Attorney at Law, in Belleville, and I will investigate whether you have a claim.

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