What Rights Do I Have If A Dog Bites And Causes An Injury?

Many people can never imagine their dog attacking a human being. But these pets are still animals and have the potential to act on instincts that can cause harm. When that happens, the animal owner can be held liable under the law for a person’s injuries from a dog bite.

The animal owner can be ordered to pay medical costs, which could include surgery as well as the initial treatment for a puncture wound and other injuries. Children who suffer a dog bite to the face in particular may need repeated surgeries to correct any disfigurement from the attack.

Under the law in Illinois, there are two conditions in which the owner cannot be held responsible:

  • The injured provoked the dog in some way
  • The injured was trespassing

Find Out Your Legal Options

Dog bites can result in serious physical injuries that can take an emotional toll. A lawsuit can help you recover your medical costs and also hold an animal owner responsible in a way that could prevent another person from being injured. I can help ease the burden of your stress by answering your legal questions and guiding you through the process.

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