What Is Premises Liability?

Each year, people suffer injuries due to the failure by businesses, property owners, malls, etc., to secure their premises. While issues such as cracked sidewalks, slippery floors and damaged parking lots may be taken for granted, it’s only a matter of time before someone slips and falls, suffering severe injuries.

Those who are injured can hold the property owner liable for their pain and suffering. In determining liability, the court will look at the conditions of the property, as well as the actions of the person injured and the actions of the property owner.

A common defense to a premises liability lawsuit is that the injured person was partially at fault for what happened. For example, a shopper in a grocery store trips and falls while on his or her cellphone. If the individual did not show reasonable care for their own safety, it could limit the amount of damages that can be recovered.

Under Illinois law, which is similar to many other states, the injured person’s legal damages will be reduced by a percentage that represents his or her fault for the accident.

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