“Yes, extremely pleased. Nick was very crafty (positive connotation) in his wording during his cross examination. I was unbelievably impressed. I was literally in awe as I sat and listened.”
— Kyle R.

“Nick or his staff always answered my questions immediately — and if they didn’t know the answer someone always returned my call within a few hours.”
— Jody M.

“Everything about his services are as good as can be expected, especially in difficult matters. He will guide you kindly through the legal process.”
— Sean H.

“Nick is at the highest level of his game, from the first time meeting him to the court date he is very open and down to earth. He came to court and was the most professional lawyer there.”
— Rodney H.

“Nick just has a charisma about him that just eases you, makes you comfortable. Talks and treats you like you deserve, he doesn’t come off with that “I’m a lawyer and I’m better than you.” I really think that is what made me pick Nick out of all the lawyers I had consultations with. He was my fourth consultation and final one.”
— Stephanie M.

“Nick is the most laid-back guy I have ever met. But when it comes down to business, he shows up to court ready to battle and for sure the best dressed attorney.”
— Rodney H.